Written 26 Nov 2018


This is a bit awkward and has taken the site down for a bit. Turns out that the CNS path I’d taken (point the google domain I have at didn’t quite work as I was expecting it to.
It, as you know if you’re reading this and competent with DNS, redirected things from my custom domain to the aforementioned

What I wanted was for to redirect to, and for to serve content from

I’ve found a Medium article that should handle this.
We’ll see how this goes.

Key point here

seems to be the addition of the CNAME record – this is something I vaguely remember from my college days (not all that long ago).
Updating the Canonical NAME on the DNS record to pointo the github site seems to be the way to get what I want. Only one way to find out!

At least I did this at night, right?